[Free Download] FastAPI Full Stack Web Development (API + Webapp)

Experience building high-performance APIs with Industry-standard best practices. It’s gonna be hard but worth it.

What you’ll learn

  • Figure out how to build up an API just as webapp utilizing FastAPI with best practices and unit testing.


  • Essential comprehension of Python
  • Model: Classes, List, Dictionaries.
  • Essential comprehension of Clean code and Testing theory will assist you with comprehension and refractor code.


This course is a manual for learn FastAPI. The FastAPI documentation is extraordinary compared to other documentation. This course is for understudies who love recordings as a medium to learn. We will learn FastAPI with best practices. The Test-Driven Development goat ? will direct our improvement interaction. TDD is the best approach to think about the code before we really compose a piece of code. In this course we will gain proficiency with the accompanying center ideas:

Making APIs : We will carry out the underneath endpoints:
  • Make Jobs
  • Recover
  • Update
  • Erase
  • Rundown Jobs
Client Authentication with fundamental security
  • The secret key will be hashed to give extra security
  • We will utilize JSON Web Tokens to validate
  • Tokens will not be put away in LocalStorage or Cookies
  • Token will be put away in HttpOnly treat
Variant Control System
  • We will utilize GIT as our vcs
  • Github will be utilized to have our code

Making web applications

We will utilize Jinja Templating Language

We will be working with a few structures

Unit Testing

Tests will be written in Pytest

After each testing cycle, the Test data set will be cleaned

Test Coverage

How not to compose unit tests?

Consents : A client who has not made the work, will not have the option to erase it.

We will work with Postgres and screen it utilizing PgAdmin.

Fastapi gives us worked in OpenAPI docs, we will utilize the documentation without limit. The docs helps backend and frontend designers work together effectively with one another.

Who this course is for:

Amateurs who need to assemble a genuine world webapp without any preparation.

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