China Build Their Own Sun and Moon

China Build Their Own Sun and Moon
China Build Their Own Sun and Moon

China Build Their Own Sun and Moon ‘Artificial Sun and Moon’. It Hot 6 Time More Than the Real Sun.

It is May be Ready in 2022 (China Build Their Own Sun and Moon)

Chines Agency are very Close to Complete this Project and it is the One of the biggest Project of All Chines Project and the budget of this project is Around 22.5$ Billion.

China Build Their Own Sun and Moon – in 2022

Chinese Moon – (Artificial moon & Fake Moon)


China are Plain to Customise There Nature and make there own Artificial Moon. There is a Chinese Society in Changle City in this Particular city China are Plain to create an Artificial Moon. Actually it is a Very Big Satellite. This Satellite is Made with a Huge Mirrors. As You Know the Sun Light Is Reflect With the moon than the moon are visible. Similarly, When the Sun Light are Reflected with The Chinese Artificial Moon It Because Visible. The Head of this Society in Changle City is announce the satellite is launch from Chinese Satellite Central which is in Changle City. And it Cover Over 500 kilometres Clearly.

Sun Light reflect with The Chinese Artificial Moon and Reflect in The Earth (Only In China). Basically this is Reflecting Satellite.

China Spent Every Year Around 200$ Million in Every 50 Square Kilometre to Glow Street Light. It Mean if China are becoming successful in This Artificial Moon Thay are Save Billion of Dollars in Every Year.

China Head are Decided to Launch 3 moon which is cover More Than 6000 Kilometres of Light.

This Artificial Moon Have a Extra Advantage Which Definitely Not possible With The Real Moon.

Chinese Artificial Moon Advantages:-

  • Changing the location
  • Changing the Brightness
  • Provide Light In Disaster area (Real Moon are Not Able to Achieve)
  • Human Made Satellite Control
  • Save Millions Dollars Every Day

Chinese Artificial Moon Disadvantages:-

  • China Spent Billion Of Dollars if This project is Unsuccessful China Face Very Huge Loss of Money
  • After Launching This project May Be the Human Behaviour are Change. And Face many Side-effect.

By the way Chinese Scientists are Announced that this experiment is in Deserted land Where Not Any Human and animal.

This Moon Cover 360 Degree Of orbital Light it have 3 Mirrors Which Reflect Light 24*7


Chinese Sun – (Artificial Sun & Fake Sun)

Chinese Sun is a Fusion Reactor which is Very Danger. Because The fusion reactor is made with the nuclear reactor and it is a very Powerful And Dangerous. Due to this reaction it works like a fake Sunlight.


The Chinese atomic energy Authority is Use There HL2M tokamak Reactor Which Is Super Powerful. This Chinese Artificial Sun Experiment Help To Build Solar Fuel Energy and remove The Biggest Energy Prices from the world.

HL2M tokamak Project is Complete in Between 2050-2055 if Future. After building this energy source China are not dependent in other energy sources.

Energy Source are Generated by the Applying Powerful Magnetic field which is a loop of Hot Plasma and this Temperature of this Plasma Are able to increase upto 150 Million Centigrade. This Plasma is Created 10x More Heat as compared as the Real Sun.

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